Brand Story

We are a women lead Kasuti craft business, based out of Belgaum, Karnataka and create delightful pieces that are all locally made by women in Belgaum. We love all things India and tell stories of this land through our products. 

The craft  of Kasuti originates from parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra and was practised by women during tiny breaks through the day. A women centric craft, the embroidery is full of images from everyday life and seemingly mundane domestic tasks.

Our work celebrate these everyday women and their stories. As a craft evolves over time inculcating various bits and pieces that the women see around them in everyday life. Elephants, flowers, birds that meet the eye easily and other not so direct influences like royal patronage, folk stories, dance forms from the everyday.  

Through each of our products we focus on creating a tasteful tempering of Indian flavours for the mundane everyday. So we focus on creating smart, detailed yet budget (full-value for money)  and useful products.